Very … slow … astronomy


Last night I performed the ritual cloud inspection at 11 and glimpsed the Summer Triangle for the first time in who knows how long.  The catch was, I … had …  to … look … at …  it … one … star … at … a … time.  And nothing less bright than Vega or Deneb or Altair could fight through the sky at all.

Tonight I managed to see it all in one piece – and even Albireo for one moment.  I also, quite by accident, caught some sections of a satellite pass at 23.09 BST, which the HeavensAbove site identified as SL-16 R/B and which was supposedly magnitude 2.2.  Then Arcturus smouldered through briefly.

And that was it. What can I, or any other British astronomer, say?  (Apart from the kind of phrases best kept out of a public blog.)


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