Recursive mirrors


reflecting themselves off into infinity are always somewhat disturbing.  It was a bit like that watching Chariots of Fire, digitally tarted up and re-released into cinemas.  1981 is a long time ago.

But it was nice to see it up there, beautifully filmed, big speakers for Vangelis and Jerusalem, full of juicy acting turns, optimistic, a tiny bit sentimental,

(here I came to a halt because I don’t actually know how big the cinema screen is)

and xxx yards high.


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  1. I was eight years old when I last saw Chariots of Fire in the theater. I was staying with my aunt and made her take me. I wanted to be a runner. I don’t suppose they’ll put it back on the big screen here in the US.

    • We’ve only got it because of the Olympics. It’s such a pity that back-catalogue films aren’t re-released more often. I’ve got a list which I would love to see in their proper setting again, and I probably never will. 😦

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