The Baker Street Irregulars


I’ve been trying to throw a set of mugs.  I’m not brilliant at producing matching items, but with scales and a ruler I usually get pots which look like siblings (though rarely twins).  Yesterday evening’s are only first cousins.

Tonight’s are third cousins at best.

I’m listening to audio books again, so shall I blame Alexander McCall Smith?  Perhaps his narrative is intrinsically unrhythmical?

Or perhaps I can blame the weather for making me slothful and dopey.  And yes, it’s sousing down again.


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    • 🙂 Mine will all be different, even on a good day! It’s partly a discipline to improve my throwing skills, and partly for those potential takers who prefer things to come as a set (I sell a few bits for charitable efforts occasionally – wouldn’t have the cheek to do so commercially!)

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