Exploring other shelves


Visiting the home of a reader is always tantalising.  I have a generous permission to borrow, and this is the long list:

Whatever the decision (and it is difficult to make) I don’t think I will be taking the ‘Red Book’ of Jung, so I browsed it here.  It is thoughtfully provided with a translation for those unfamiliar with German, Greek, Latin, and possibly snippets of Egyptian, but it was enough to begin reading Jung’s remarkable paintings.


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  1. The Stuffed Owl is fun, and so is Stanislaw Lem’s Cyberiad. I don’t know any of the others, but they look promising.

  2. Ooh, besides The Stuffed Owl, I’m curious about Unediting the Renaissance when you’ve read it, and I won’t ask you to summarize the Coptic grammar, though it also looks fascinating. And Rosetti’s Wombat?!? One of my memories from the one time I visited England long ago is that a lady from Western Australia who lived where I was staying had a “Wombats next 15 km” sign in her flat.

    • Hello all, glad I’m not the only one who likes odd books. The Coptic was there because it is just so lovely to look at the handwritten script, alas my language skills aren’t up to the challenge of using it properly. The Unediting title missed the shortlist (not quite succulent enough at this level of competition), so it will have to wait for a while. I read a lot of first chapters and introductions while there, and a couple of the Lem stories, galloped through the Wendy Cope, sampled the Arabic poetry, and eventually the Wombat and the book about classical technology won my two top borrowing spots – it’s only a small suitcase. Now all I need is time…

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