I come from haunts of coot and hern (Thurber)


–  I’ve always wanted to say that, and here they are, somewhat in the distance.  We watched the heron for a time while it effected a heron performance straying onto the borders of caricature.

Recent developments on Jubilee campus have gone red.  The older buildings are calmer:

Multiple pools and streams provide dinner for enterprising undergraduates and herons.

It’s a little hard to decide where biodiversity support ends and corporate inattention begins, but the meadows were in full bloom:

Looking into a placid pool for minnows like the heron:

Three of the photos aren’t mine.  I have the photographer’s permission.

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  1. “It’s a little hard to decide where biodiversity support ends and corporate inattention begins” – what a marvelous sentence! Let’s see. Is there profitable PR involved? Then it’s biodiversity support. If there’s no way to make money from a beautiful little meadow, it’s corporate inattention. Truth, or cynicism run amok?

    • As we are talking about British academe, I expect there will be a mixture of political correctness, genuine wish to make a small environmental contribution,and resignation to the mess caused by being a permanent building site!

  2. This is so bizarre. I was going to use that line (‘I come from haunts …’) in my next post. I probably still am.

  3. I like the generator in the first photo, it looks like an early Blue Peter project. Coot & Hern – a very dim memory, so I enjoyed renewing my acquaintance (good old Google). Now, isn’t it interesting that ‘pottery’ and ‘poetry’ are near-anagrams. Is there a word for such things? I think not

    • :) I think the wheel lifts water from the canal/river to top up the pools and water features above – part of the university’s thing about self-regulating buildings and green roofs and alternative energy stuff.

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