Nestcam day 6


You can see how the weak get squeezed out, but there are still three beaks.  Where did that fourth one go, I wonder?  Can’t see any corpses on the ground – do the parent birds remove the dead, or are the little bones still underneath the infants?


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    • I don’t see how – the nest is on a high shelf tucked up in the corner of a garage where the doors are not left open. Cats wouldn’t be able to get in, and I don’t think anything larger than songbird size would be keen to get through the narrow gap at the top of the lift-up door. Obviously I’m not poking about to see if a sad little body has been pushed out behind the nest. The current cold wet conditions must make it difficult for the parent birds to raise the brood – I don’t think the third one looks in very good nick either. Thanks for dropping in on the blog!

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