I should be glazing


but I have been evicted from my own workspace by a crew of repellent little invaders.

While dabbling about with sieves and brushes I noticed a robin sitting in the gap at the top of the garage door with a beakfull of something; a few minutes later I saw it again, with what looked like the same something.  The penny dropped, I started hunting round and found the nest on a neglected shelf in the top corner of the garage above the basin and tap.

One should let the parent(s) try to rear these revolting little objects, I suppose, and I’d already been in the garage for an hour, so I’ve come out to let them get a feed.

It’s going to be a right nuisance if she rears them and they start taking practice flights round my shelves of ware, doing what all small creatures do best.

Only their mother could love them


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  1. I think I could count four beaks, but there might be a runt being sat upon by the stronger members of the family. They must be very newly hatched – apparently they develop their feathers from about 3 days. I can see why the adults nested there though – I never open the front door of the garage at all, and with the weather the way it is outside, it must look a good bet!

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