Useful pot for putting things in


I’m starting to use the pots I made in the bonfire clamp.  The basil looks comfortable in this one (no brains included).


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    • The absence of brain is a flaw and I’m sure the basil would grow better with some in the pot – afraid I’m a bit short of murdered lovers to exhume at the moment so I couldn’t do that part. (Do schools ‘do’ Keats these days? I think we were taught the gruesome bits so it would stay with us!)

      • Ah! Your brow was set higher than mine. I was in Torquay with Sybil while you were in Florence with Isabella (I had to remind myself of the detail there).
        Re. your ‘robin’ post, yesterday I discovered a bumblebee nest in the roof of my studio, perfectly benign and a joy to host. If I can get a decent photo (pouring at the moment) I’ll post about it on my blog.

        • Well, I had to think hard to place Torquay, as I’ve never watched all the episodes – I think I put the others in front of it to give me time to Get On with the dinner or the ironing or whatever. Which episode was it?
          Would like to see the bumblebees when convenient. We seem desperately short of them or honey bees or even flies here at the moment. Hope it’s only the weather?
          PS – I always think of Isabella as a shilling shocker actually – that’s why they gave it to us to read as 14-year-olds!

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