Things that tell you it’s summer:


Making elderflower cordial from the elder tree which fortuitously grows at the back of the garden.  The day is cold and grey but the cordial smells of summer.

When I strained it, one tie loop on the jelly-bag broke away, causing much hopping about with dishcloths and towels. In consequence, the yield wasn’t quite as large as it ought to have been, but worth having:

I found that a few thunderflies had sneaked their way through two jelly bag strainings, and had to be fished out with a spoon.  So it is official: thunderflies can get into anything.  I suppose they are a sign of summer too.


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    • Hello, and thanks for dropping in here. 🙂

      It’s not a family recipe, I sort of amalgamated a few online recipes last year and can’t really remember which I looked at! Basically, about 30 elderflower heads, remove as many bugs as you can. Make syrup of about 1.5 or 2 kg white sugar and 1200 ml water, bring to boil. Wash 4 lemons, peel off yellow zest with potato peeler, slice lemons thinly, add peel and fruit to elderflowers and pour boiling syrup over the lot. Cover and allow to infuse overnight. Strain through well-scalded jelly bag. I freeze the syrup in ice cream trays and just lever out a spoonful per glass when I need it. Last year I put in citric acid and fewer lemons, which made the drink sharper, but I didn’t get organised to buy it this year.

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