Men Women and Dogs


I acquired a copy of Men, Women and Dogs yesterday, a book of cartoons drawn by James Thurber.  It was published in 1944 and this is the 1950 reprint.  Interestingly, its physical condition is probably better than that of my 1985-ish paperback of Thurber selections, now horribly browned within and without.

Men, Women and Dogs cost 13/6 at some point in its career, and at the same or other point was in a shop in Sydney (NSW).  Do shops use these place-of-purchase stamps any more?

The drawings positively require the looker to invent backstories and outcomes, whether they are based on the most banal experiences shared by us all (‘Well, it makes a difference to me‘) or they are spiralling off into the fantastic (‘What have you done with Dr. Millmoss?’)

His writing does not work so well for me, with the exception of My Life and Hard Times, which is part of my Vintage Thurber collection.  My mindscape would be a sadder and smaller place without the dog that bit people, the grandmother who thought electricity dripped out of  sockets, the guinea pig who slept in a zither, the Get-Ready Man, the bed that fell and the ghost that got in.


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