Eating roses


Of course they can be added to salad as they are, but candied rose petals are something else. Break newly blown well-fragranced roses apart gently and paint petals with lightly beaten egg white, using a soft brush so as not to bruise them.

Toss each petal carefully in caster sugar and place on non-stick paper to dry.  Left to right, R. officinalis (Apothecary rose), Fantin Latour, and Mme Alfred Carriere.


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    • Must have been real hard work in the days of pounding sugar loaves to get fine enough sugar. Even harder for sugared violets – terribly fiddly to do. Do you happen to remember which other flowers were used? Primroses??

    • Hello to all – if you are thinking of making these, use dry roses, which have not been sprayed with anything vile (I know you knew that already) and whip the egg white a little to make it more fluid and give a finer coat on the petals. Some varieties of rose seem to work better than others. If the weather conditions and your roses are right, they go quite crispy and dry, and can be stored briefly by layering them between clean paper in a tin with a little extra sugar sprinkled through them, but no, I don’t think they would keep for long.
      Probably as well to be careful about consumers as I suppose there is a slight salmonella risk with the raw egg.

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