The awesome stench


It’s a presence right across the back garden.  It coils on the breeze.  It is spreading out sinister tendrils almost to the back door.  It invites investigation by the police, or at least by Environmental Health.

I refer, of course, to the nettle brew.  Our brief heatwave has incubated it with alarming speed, and although I don’t know quite how long it is meant to take, I think ‘enough’ had better be soon.


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  1. Wow, that’s brave. 🙂 We brew Comfrey Soup at the allotment and it’s fierce. I’m not sure I’d like to have it at home. Although putting something, anything, on as a lid makes quite a lot of difference.

    • I do lid but sometimes I think it is even worse when you let out the pent-up fumes! I’d heard about the comfrey – do you find it more effective than nettle? The nettles sow themselves in the wild bit, so I don’t lose any veg patch to grow them. Thanks for dropping in!

      • We have a lot of comfrey growing round the allotment, so it’s easier to collect in volume than nettle. We use nettle on the compost sometimes, since it’s supposedly a good source of.,, hmmm…. nitrogen? We use the comfrey soup as an alternative to tomato feed – i.e. late summer for fruiting vegetables. I forget what it is supposed to be rich in to stimulate fruit not leaf, nor am I 100% sure that it is.

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