Coiffeuse to pigs


One of our guinea pigs is smooth-coated.  Lucky for him.

It’s much less bother

As for the other – it would be an understatement to say that he is wildly furry.

He knows what’s coming…

It’s always a job to keep him knot-free, and, as we have just instantly passed from the Endless British Winter to the Great British Summer, he is probably at serious risk of heat stroke.

Unfortunately he hates having his coat trimmed and kicks, turns, and hops in the air while I take opportunistic snips in the general direction of his person.  This makes it a high anxiety and high risk experience for us both.

Eventually we’d had as much as we could stand.

Two pigs?

He still has both eyes, and I don’t think there are any little ears or leggies in that heap.


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    • Not that talented – I can’t work out how to give a piggy’s tummy a haircut when there is only one of me. Perhaps I could suspend him in the air in a little harness to get at the fluffy bits…?
      (Better put a 🙂 here in case the RSPCA are looking.)

  1. If only we could explain to our critters that we mean well!

    I’ve often ended up with a kitten-size pile of fur after brushing a cat, but never a big enough heap to make a second full-size animal – then again, I’ve only had shorthairs. I suppose grooming a Persian would be more like what you’re dealing with. Or shearing a sheep. 🙂

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