The bits at the back of the fridge


Making an edible plateful out of the scraps left at the back of the fridge is a life skill.  Following some conversations on WordPress about how much it costs to eat (A Number of Things), I thought I’d check if I could still do it.

Instead of tossing out the dodgy bits of last week’s shopping, I made dinner from them.  This was a concoction of going-slimy mushrooms, wilting broccoli, wrinkling tomatoes, sad spring onions, the end of a jar of chutney and some other miscellaneous.  I put goat’s cheese on top, which doesn’t sound very economical but in fact I found the little squashed packet abandoned in a trolley park at the supermarket, and liberated it.

Perhaps it was all the gardening I’ve been doing, but it tasted pretty edible to me.


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