Life and art


I can only think of one way to defrost a freezer without a lot of fuss, and that is to put fourteen towels on the kitchen floor, unplug the freezer and go out for the day.

However, in the longeurs of this process I rootled in the book collection to find Sally Swain’s Great Housewives of Art books.  The binding of one is pathetic and it came apart years ago while still new, but the paintings are as much fun as ever.

The painting which sent me to the shelf was, of course, Mrs Rembrandt Defrosts the Fridge.  I should also mention Mrs Toulouse-Lautrec Cleans the Toilet, Athene Knits a Toga, Mrs Turner Empties the Vacuum Cleaner, and, perhaps my very favourite, Mrs Pollock Can’t Seem to Find Anything Any More.

Now I have to go and mop up …

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  1. Right, Straight to AbeBooks it is then. Personally I get a certain satisfaction from wielding the hairdryer and hacking and levering away.

    • I missed those. I learned to appreciate ironing one time when I didn’t have enough money to heat my flat properly – when ironing was the only time I had warm hands. (Gone off it a bit now, though!)

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