A small slither


Looking in the disgraceful compost bin, I found another guest:  a very small slow worm, about three inches long, slender with it, and giving the lie to its name – it was as quick as you like from absorbing the warmth all afternoon.

You only get one photo of these.  Well, one-and-a-half; this is the tail as it slithered into the grass clippings like a runnel of mercury.

Digressing slightly, I remember that as small children we collected those tedious Christmas mazes so we could break them and take out the mercury to play with. We had quite a supply in the end.  I can’t remember what happened to it though – did it eventually get trodden into the carpet, or lost in the sheets, or did we put it down a sink?  I think I associated the beads of mercury with the little silver dragees we sometimes had on birthday cake … I feel slightly pale with horror.


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  1. Eek! We used to be so blase about environmental horrors.

    Though I always hated those silver dragees myself – biting down on one unexpectedly was like chewing a piece of (sorry!) metal. Pretty to look at, unpleasant to eat…

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