Radical chutney


I had some gooseberries left in the freezer from last year’s crop, and decided to make them into chutney.  This took longer than expected, perhaps because the berries generated extra water due to having been frozen, and I spent an inordinate time stirring while the excess liquid boiled off.

Luckily I can read and stir. I had a rather odd book from a bargain bin, in a very annoying format:  the supposed transcription of a supposedly spontaneous conversation with Roland Walls.  Ferguson, his interlocutor and transcriber, irritated me enormously, but the theme of the book, a contemporary example of radical monasticism, turned out to involve a good deal of stirring too, as the tiny community, though obedient, implicitly challenged institutional religion through its mere existence.

I didn’t exactly enjoy it, but found I was putting a lot of bookmarks in so I could review points later on.  It will be interesting to taste the chutney, as I rather suspect some of the radicalism has got into the jars, as indeed some of the chutney has found its way into the book.


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  1. I enjoyed this post enormously because I have just spent the evening making rhubarb jam – which was a bit browner than it should have been because I accidentally heated it above the setting point and it discoloured slightly. But it tastes okay. Good job I wasn’t reading a book at the same time.
    Rhubarb pickle’s good too. Alen McF

    • Well done you. 🙂 I haven’t got as far as the rhubarb yet, and when I do the first thing will be a rhubarb marmalade with cut mixed peel in. Never tried it pickled though. Is it easy?

      • Rhubarb chutney/pickle – per 500ml jar: 500g rhubarb, 1 chopped onion, chopped root ginger, 100ml cider or white wine vinegar, 200g sugar, teaspoon salt, couple of cloves. Boil everything and reduce to a simmer until it looks right then put in jars and seal. It works well also with red currants instead of rhubarb.
        Cheers Alen

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