Too many hobbies


The kitchen table is covered with buttons, seed packets and cds; the dining table has the sewing machine and a project all over it; the computer desk holds my laptop (surprise), camera, kindle, and books; there are stacks of books all over the coffee table; eyepieces, drawing equipment, craft bits and astro log on the table at the front window; and knitting on the sofa table.

The conservatory tables are full of young plants and pottery tools; the garage workbench holds a set of music cds and player; and the garage desk is littered with the latest fired pots and old glaze tests.

I’ve just eaten my supper standing up.

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  1. OH yeah. Thousands of books. Tens of thousands of yards of yarn, not to mention the set of shelves crammed tight with cloth waiting for me to get the sewing machine out. Speaking of books, around two hundred cookbooks full of recipes waiting to be tried. Dozens of tomato seedlings……

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